5 Ms Sales Process

How do I start?
We provide a “Revenue Model Profile” questionnaire to quickly and easily summarize your non-confidential business model. This form is available in our Download area. Next we schedule a phone conference to review your current profile, address your questions and exchange ideas on how our Revenue as a System model can addresses your requirements and objectives. This is a strategic assessment, generally conducted by Carl Moe, with the view to understanding our eventual team assignments and support strategy to your firm as we move forward.

DIY Program
We encourage Chief Revenue Officers to map out and implement our closed-loop revenue system in their business. Our DIY workbook is a tool for that task plus we can support your implementation on an as needed basis. We are frequently asked to assist on sticky points and to assist in project blueprinting the implementation to stay “on track.” Accordingly, we offer a CRO coaching program for typically a 3-6 month period to help you define and implement the appropriate transitions. You are the quarterback in this implementation, but we are experienced coaches and will send in many new plays and insights from the sidelines to move you forward. Depending on your requirements, coaching fees are typically in the $2K per month range. Travel outside the Minneapolis – St. Paul metro area is additional and reimbursable.

Custom Program
Implementing the 5M’s Sales Process starts with defining your Differentiating Value (DV). Once your Differentiating Value is determined, the next step is defining your market Messages based on your DV positioning. The final step is to define (and document) the Critical Qualifying Questions (CQQ’s) to be used by your sales team for qualifying prospect Motivation, Money, Methodology and Market.

The 5M’s implementation program is straightforward and typically starts with a 2 day team workshop customized for your business model. The workshop typically incorporates additional sales skills topics designed to increase sales rep effectiveness in handling traditional sales challenges. Skill topics include prospecting, communication skills, handling stalls, competitive bid disruption, qualifying the competition and closing presentations based on our popular 2 Minute Drill techniques. Depending on your requirements, custom workshop programs are typically in the $12-20+K range depending on group size. Travel outside the Minneapolis–St. Paul metro area is additional and reimbursable.


Bankable Forecast Process

Results-Driven Incentive Process

Skills-Based Staffing Process

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