Keynote Topics

Carl’s topics are based on his popular Chief Revenue Officer! book. The book is frequently referred to as “the Survival Guide for Chief Revenue Officers” and comes from decades of working both in and with companies to eliminate the always problematic revenue roller coaster profile:

►”The Chief Revenue Officer Role” connects audiences with the four core processes of his Revenue as a System model.  Takeaways include an understanding of how to build a “bankable forecast,” develop performance incentive systems that work and select the right talent for your revenue as a system platform.

►”The Top 10 Mistakes CRO’s Make” covers the most frequent errors Chief Revenue Officers make in their roles today.  These come from decades of seeing the same repetitive mistakes made by hard-working CRO’s just trying to survive the revenue roller coaster one more time.

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5 Non-Leadership Comments

After decades of working with companies to improve their revenue performance, we have heard a litany of comments from leadership teams that will cause any engaged employee (or outside resource) to urgently start the quest for another opportunity. The 5 most atrocious are: 1. The only job the sales department has is to keep manufacturing […]

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The Sales Funnel is Dead!

The new age of digital disruption is re-engineering the world of sales. Many companies today are doing “OK” selling more to long established customers where they have inside traction but their new-logo business is best described as “underperforming” (aka nonexistent). The tough question Chief Revenue Officers address in planning sessions is: Why can we sell […]

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Founder’s Corner

Welcome to my video corner where you can learn more about the RoundTable, our structure and specific topics we discuss in our monthly, peer group meetings.  Video topics include: –Who joins the CRO RoundTable? –The CRO Trifecta –Differentiating Value with more videos being added regularly.

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