Skills-Based Staffing Process

How do I start?
Review Section V (concentrate on Chapter 28) of Chief Revenue Officer! Once you have the sales cycle and key behaviors identified, you are ready to start the job posting phase and receive resumes. This is where the staffing process can become both time consuming and confusing since you never receive a bad resume.

DIY Program
We offer an a-la-carte staffing program. It is designed to assist your HR function by providing support for specific tasks related to the challenges of identifying and selecting sales talent. HR manages the recruiting process (places the ads, receives the resumes, schedules interviews, conducts reference checks, etc.) and we plug in as needed to make sure you get the right talent. Our support menu includes:

Develop a position benchmark that defines the sales abilities required to be successful    and convert this profile into an effective recruiting ad that differentiates your position from the myriad of stereotypical employment ads.

Phone Screen applicants using techniques that simulate your typical prospect or customer call as a real world scenario and measure applicant performance.

Objectively assess candidate selling skills, style, motivations and aptitudes to determine the best fit for your position.

Structured face-to-face interview to develop a complete picture of how the candidate will interact with your prospects and customers.

New hire development plan to bring your new sales person up to full potential with a shortened ramp time.

Custom Program
Identifying and recruiting talent can be a time-consuming task for busy CRO’s. Our custom staffing program is based on our DIY program with the additional steps of placing ads and receiving/screening resumes. We keep you updated on applicant responses, phone screen results and provide complete assessment reports covering their sales skills, selling style, motivations and aptitudes. We participate in the initial interview and provide recommendations regarding the best-fit applicants. Industry knowledge, experience, culture fit, etc. are topics for further applicant evaluation that you conduct in making a final selection and offer. Our program is not a retained search. We work only from your side of the table to help identify the best-fit talent. Depending on the number of positions and levels of positions to fill, programs are typically in the $10K+ range.


Bankable Forecast Process

Results-Driven Incentive Process

5 Ms Sales Process

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