Table of Contents


SECTION I: Riding the Revenue Roller Coaster

Chapter 1 Chief Revenue Officer

Chapter 2 Tanking Revenue

Chapter 3 The Cover-Up

Chapter 4 The Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Model

Chapter 5 Eliminating The Revenue Roller Coaster

Chapter 6 The Chief Revenue Officer Challenge


SECTION II The 5 M’s Sales Process

Chapter 7 The 5 M’s

Chapter 8 Message

Chapter 9 Motivation

Chapter 10 Money

Chapter 11 Methodology

Chapter 12 Market

Chapter 13 Implementing The 5 M’s Sales Process


SECTION III: Bankable Forecast Process

Chapter 14 Zero Visibility Sales Forecast

Chapter 15 Creating Bankable Sales Forecasts

Chapter 16 The Four Aces

Chapter 17 Forecast Mix

Chapter 18 Forecast Reviews

Chapter 19 Implementing The Bankable Forecast Process


SECTION IV: Results-Driven Incentive Process

Chapter 20 Incentive Myths And Legends

Chapter 21 Foundations Of A Results-Driven Incentive Process

Chapter 22 Options And Variables

Chapter 23 Paying Salespeople

Chapter 24 Hunters/Rainmakers

Chapter 25 Farmers/Account Managers

Chapter 26 Implementing The Results-Driven Incentive Process


SECTION V: Skills-Based Staffing Process

Chapter 27 It Never Works

Chapter 28 Identify Key Behaviors And Characteristics

Chapter 29 Maintain A Large Pool Of Candidates

Chapter 30 Screen Out The Cute Puppy

Chapter 31 Skill-Based Interviewing

Chapter 32 Presenting Offers

Chapter 33 Structured On-Board Process

Chapter 34 Implementing The Skill-Based Staffing Process


SECTION VI: The Sales Revenue System 2.0 in Motion

Chapter 35 The Chief Revenue Officer Leadership Role

Chapter 36 Going For The Gold




The Inside vs. Outside Sales Rep Choice

Your company’s fate is in the hands of your sales people. Whether you are hiring for inside or outside sales, you are going to give careful consideration to the candidates in front of you. But back up a bit. Have you thought about the role that they will play specific to your business? This is […]

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Founder’s Corner

Welcome to my video corner where you can learn more about the RoundTable, our structure and specific topics we discuss in our monthly, peer group meetings.  Video topics include: –Who joins the CRO RoundTable? –The CRO Trifecta –Differentiating Value with more videos being added regularly.

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