Our resource team is comprised of successful business veterans who have all served as CROs over the decades and each one brings a wealth of experience to the table.

Carl Moe
Carl is the founder and Managing Director of C.R.O. Success LLC. Carl’s career began in Detroit selling computer-based design and production automation systems to the American-headquartered auto companies for Digital Equipment Corporation. Next were decades of senior executive roles(CEO, President, COO, EVP and CRO) in global, growth organizations.  He has conducted business in 14 countries outside North America, serves on multiple boards, chairs the CRO Roundtable and guest lecturers at the Carlson School MBA program (University of Minnesota). He holds both an engineering degree and MBA from the University of Michigan.

Thomas Herman
Thomas is Managing Director of Chicago operations and chairs CRO RoundTable Chicago.  Thomas brings over three decades of Sales, Operations, Executive Management and Ownership to CRO RoundTable.  He has conducted business in more than 15 countries outside of North America with experience at Fortune 100, Franchises, startups, emerging business and mid-size businesses that ranged from manufacturing to retail to services to high tech.  Thomas serves on multiple boards, both commercial and not-for-profit. He holds a B.S. from the University of Minnesota.


Derrick Moe
Derrick is the Managing Director of Select Metrix LLC, a hiring process and assessment company that takes the guesswork out of selecting the right candidate.  Derrick’s career started with over 10 years in sales roles from the rep level up to management in markets ranging from technology to manufacturing.  He has been involved in hiring and assessments since 2001 and has worked with hundreds of companies to take the guesswork out of their hiring decisions.  He is a certified Behavior Analyst, Values Analyst and DNA Analyst.  Derrick holds a Bachelors of Arts degree from Macalester College – St. Paul, MN, majoring in Psychology.

The Inside vs. Outside Sales Rep Choice

Your company’s fate is in the hands of your sales people. Whether you are hiring for inside or outside sales, you are going to give careful consideration to the candidates in front of you. But back up a bit. Have you thought about the role that they will play specific to your business? This is […]

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Founder’s Corner

Welcome to my video corner where you can learn more about the RoundTable, our structure and specific topics we discuss in our monthly, peer group meetings.  Video topics include: –Who joins the CRO RoundTable? –The CRO Trifecta –Differentiating Value with more videos being added regularly.

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