What Others Say

We have had some complimentary feedback over time. Some of this has been about the importance and business impact of the concepts within Revenue as a System. Some have been about the value of our service offerings in support of sales organization excellence. A warm THANK YOU to all of those who have passed along comments, some of which we include here:


“Carl’s book is a synopsis of what smart manufacturing companies do when they need to review, redesign, and implement a structured Sales Management Process in their organizations. Managing a group of sales people to a documented, well-defined process creates trust and accountability for all parties. Carl has condensed a very broad subject matter to an easy read and created an outline that any Sales Manager or Director can use to structure their personalized sales plan for their company.”

Brett Strayer, Sales Manager
Precision Gasket Company
Edina, MN


“Carl’s objective approach to sales is effective and refreshing. The ability to synthesize a predictable forecast down to four Aces was paramount in achieving a realistic sale forecast for our company. Carl’s years of experience are conveyed into easy steps for the sales process, forecast process, incentive process and sales staffing process. You too can become a Chief Revenue Officer if you follow Carl’s B2B success model.”

John Pollock, President and CEO
Aetrium Incorporated
St. Paul, MN


“I’ve been involved with many early-stage high potential companies in my life as a venture capital investor. In each one, the most critical issues almost always involved sales forecasting. Faulty sales forecasting systems are like faulty hearts – inevitably they lead to the death of the company.

The system described in this book is based on proven concepts and just works. It’s simple but powerful. It can save your company.”

Doug Johnson
Retired venture capital investor
Minneapolis, MN


“I bought the $20 book, read the topics I wanted in 20 min. and saved $20,000 of consultant fees – the best read in my 20 years of driving revenues!”

Laura Sailor, EVP Business Development
Crown Bioscience, Inc.
Santa Clara, CA


“You have hit the nail on the head.  There are systems for everything else in business – but not one for ‘revenue.’


Don Brown, Director
International Wireless Industry Consortium
Warminster, PA 


“The book is easy to read with powerful content; it’s a roadmap for using your sales force to grow revenue consistently.  It may be a 1 hour scan, but there is way more to it than can be digested in 1 hour; contact Carl if your sales force has issues.”

Tuck Mixon, President
Trinity Marketing Systems Co.
Eden Prairie, MN 


“Carl Moe is a street-smart sales hunter.  His lessons on differentiating value, qualifying decision-makers and selling helped our business grow for 17 years until it sold in 2006.  He mentors with humor, creativity and is ‘on point.’  I highly recommend his new book.”

Tom Helling, President
Presidents Solutions, Inc.
Minneapolis, MN


“Sales managers and Executives are given a guideline to run sales in a better way and how to increase business.  The four topics you have laid out in the book are substantial and I personally have been using them since I met you in the early nineties.  It works!”

Karl Blöchl, Managing Director
Ingolstadt, Germany


CHIEF REVENUE OFFICER! B2B Success Model is a very clearly written and well organized approach to the most essential aspect of any business: generating revenue! It provides practical information for any sized organization. What I enjoyed most about the read was that it removed the mystery of how to generate and lead, it reminds us that hard work, innovative thinking and focusing beyond the distractions is what keeps the wheels turning.

Anthony Rocco Sclavi, Principal Designer
Minneapolis, MN

5 Non-Leadership Comments

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The Sales Funnel is Dead!

The new age of digital disruption is re-engineering the world of sales. Many companies today are doing “OK” selling more to long established customers where they have inside traction but their new-logo business is best described as “underperforming” (aka nonexistent). The tough question Chief Revenue Officers address in planning sessions is: Why can we sell […]

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Founder’s Corner

Welcome to my video corner where you can learn more about the RoundTable, our structure and specific topics we discuss in our monthly, peer group meetings.  Video topics include: –Who joins the CRO RoundTable? –The CRO Trifecta –Differentiating Value with more videos being added regularly.

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